the designers:

Karen Kananen & Samantha Robinson

The creative force behind raw earth wild sky are two very experienced and versatile designers. Karen Kananen, a native Californian and FIDM graduate has years of experience in the LA market working with larger more sales-oriented companies and smaller 'hands-on' contemporary lines. Most recently, she was the designer behind another successful contemporary label, 'eco-ganik' (also 'green') taking it from 'birth' in 2004 to USD$1.8 million in two years, selling to many well-known and influential stores.

Samantha Robinson, a Brit from London and graduate of Harrow College/University of London also has extensive experience working for companies in London, Sydney, Melbourne, New York and Los Angeles for labels such as French Connection, Nicole Farhi, Country Road Australia, Fenn Wright & Manson and Elle Apparel.

The two met and became great friends about 15years ago while working at the same company in Los Angeles - they shared the same vision of bring manufacturing back to Los Angeles and while working together again in 2006 were inspired to start their own line. Both Karen and Samantha cite their intense love of fashion and great concern for our planet, along with the births of their daughters (now 12 and 11 respectively) as the driving force behind their decision to start a contemporary, yet environmentally conscious company that is entirely made in the USA.

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